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Everything You Need to Pass the PMP Exam!

  • Self-paced online course with unlimited access guarantee
  • Personalized study planner and progress tracker
  • On-demand bite-sized video lectures available 24x7
  • Compatible with all PC and mobile devices
  • Tiered and robust course content outline
  • Aligned with the latest PMBOK with automatic content updates
  • Access to 6 Full Practice Exams
  • 1200+ bank of Q&A bank
  • Satisfies 35 contact hours required by PMI
  • All-inclusive, high PMP study materials (printed and digital)

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  • Adaptive Technology
  • Built-in Productivity Tools
  • Unlimited Access Guarantee
  • All-inclusive PMP Prep Course
  • Unparalleled Support

Our online, self-paced PMP exam preparation training course is built on an adaptive learning management system. It uses real-time algorithm to track your progress throughout the course to:

1) Ensures your mastery of each topic.  Adaptive technology quizzes you on recent topics as well as troublesome topics from previous study units. 

2) Keeps you on track. It assesses your knowledge base using short, targeted quizzes and customizes your study plan to pinpoint your weak areas.  This allows you to study more efficiently and keep you on track.

3) Lets you study smarter.  It adjusts to your performance and suggests steps for strengthening your weak areas.

To compliment our adaptive technology, our course comes with built-in tools to enhance productivity and help you stay on track.

With these tools, you'll know exactly what to study and when you'll be ready to sit and pass the PMP exam.

Personalized Study Planner

  • Generates your own personalized study plan based on your schedule and course progress. It self-adjusts as your circumstances change and offer you helpful reminders if you start falling behind.

Progress Tracker

      • Tracks your performance, delivers on-demand performance analytics, and optimizes your study plan.

Our online course is accessible to you 24x7. It's compatible with all PC and mobile devices so you can study whenever, wherever is convenient for you.

It also comes with unlimited access until you pass the PMP exam so you can truly study at your own pace. We are committed to you earning your PMP certification.

Several review providers offer limited access to their course- 3- and 6-month access are the most common ones. But what if something comes up? What if your life takes a major turn and can't commit to a 3- or 6-month study plan? 

With our course, you are guaranteed access to our online training  until you pass your PMP Exam. Not only do we protect your study materials, but we also ensure your materials are always up-to-date. We track when PMI rolls out changes to PMBOK or the exam outline and issue FREE course updates.

Our Online PMP Training Course provides all the materials and support you need to pass on the first try. No need to buy supplemental materials or download any apps. 

With Global Project Management League, you have everything you need to pass, no matter what your learning style is.

Check out the Course Materials tab for details.

Extraordinary customer service and access to subject-matter experts are crucial to making your PMP Exam preparation as smooth and pleasant as possible.

Instructor support

You can submit any questions regarding the course materials through the Forum within the course, or contact the instructor directly via email.  You can discuss exam schedules and receive study and testing tips as well.

Customer Service 

If you have any technical issues accessing the course, have administrative questions, or need help with your PMP application, our customer service team will be there to support you, through email, phone, live chat and social media messaging. 

Access to bite-sized video lectures anytime, anywhere!

PMP bootcamp on-demand, available 24/7 and accessible anywhere from your computer, tablet or mobile at your convenience. Our bite-sized videos are focused on specific topics/process outlined in the PMBOK Guide, but organized in a logical way which follows how a project is executed in real-world applications.

PMP Flash Cards

Printed flashcards for key terms and definitions. Review and annotate these cards for maximum retention using visual and tactile memory.
Reference Guide

Quick Reference Guide

High-quality, sturdy, laminated PMP Quick Study Guide, which highlights the key terms, concepts, and formulas to know for the PMP exam. It is designed to help you synthesize and transfer knowledge from on-paper and onscreen to long-term memory skill, truly transforming you into someone worth your certification credential.

Course Workbook

This workbook contains key concepts and exercises on process groups, key formulas, and inputs, tools and techniques. Because everyone learns differently, you’ll see variety forms of exercise, ranging from easy to challenging, to help you master the basics.

Practice Exams

There are 200 questions in the PMP exam. With so much content to cover, you’ll need a lot of practice questions to cover your bases. The smaller the test bank, the greater the risk of encountering the same question multiple times during your practice exam.

With our Practie Exam, you’ll have access to 1200+ bank of questions designed to help you test what you’ve learned and practice the exam with actual time limits and comprehensive exercises and questions from PMP-Certified instructors. We have programmed our course to simulate Pearson Vue’s testing environment in every possible way so you feel completely comfortable when you sit for your PMP exam.

35 Contact Hours

Upon completion of the course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion acknowledging you have acquired 35 contact hours required by PMI to be eligible to sit in the PMP exam. You will continue to have access to the course until you pass the PMP exam. Take advantage of the practice exams while your PMP application is being processed by PMI.

This course covers A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide), which serves as the fundamental knowledge base for project management and the PMP Exam. However, the PMBOK® Guide can be confusing to many students because it does not follow any chronological order.  Read the PMBOK® Guide in the order presented in the course. 

The course content is organized in a logical way, more like a how project executes in a real-world application, helping you make important connections between processes and process inputs, outputs, tools and techniques.


      • MODULE 1 - Fundamentals of Project Management (3 lessons)
      • MODULE 2 - Initiating a Project (2 lessons)
      • MODULE 3 - Planning a Project (24 lessons)
      • MODULE 4 - Executing a Project (10 lessons)
      • MODULE 5 - Monitoring and Controlling a Project (12 lessons)
      • MODULE 6 - Closing a Project (1 lesson)
      • PRACTICE EXAM - Must take at least 1 practice exam to earn a Certificate of Completion

PMP is one of the globally recognized certifications that can prove your employers you've acquired the knowledge and skills needed to lead and manage projects successfully.

Anyone who has experience leading and directing projects and would like to start or advance their career in project management should consider earning a PMP certification. PMP is essential not only for Project Managers but for experienced professionals including:

      • Team Leads / Managers
      • Associate/Assistant Managers
      • Project Executives
      • Engineers, Software Developers
      • Writers
      • Architects
      • Consultants
      • Digital Project Managers
      • IT

The practice of project management is expanding within industries that were traditionally less project-oriented such as health care, information services and publishing. A study done by Anderson Economic Group (AEG) for Project Management Institute (PMI) showed that employment in project management-oriented roles is expected to increase by 2.2 million each year, resulting in 87.7 million jobs by 2027. Leading sectors creating many project-related job openings:

      • Manufacturing and Construction
      • Information Services and Publishing
      • Finance and Insurance
      • Management and Professional Services
      • Utilities
      • Oil and Gas

You have unlimited access to the course until you pass the PMP exam. Some students need the 35 contact hours from this course in order to apply for the PMP exam. You cannot schedule your exam until PMI deems your application complete and you submit the payment for the exam fee. During this time, you will still have access to the course so you can take as many practice exams as you need until you feel comfortable to sit in the exam.

Yes, we recommend you take advantage of the Practice Exams after completing the course.

Complete the 52 lessons and 1 full practice exam (200 questions within 4 hours).

No, you do not need any other software or app to access the course. With access to the internet, sImply log in to your account from any PC, tablet, or mobile devices. No internet access? Use the printed study materials, i.e., Course workbook, flash cards, quick study guide.

It depends on where you are in your PMP Exam application and your study schedule

1) If your PMP application have already been deemed completed by PMI, and you have paid your exam fees, you should be able to schedule to take the PMP exam after completing the course and at least 3 practice exams, one of which you should have scored at least 80% 1-2 wks before your scheduled exam.

2) If you need to complete this course to satisfy the 35 contact hours requirement before you can even apply, then the time for you to be ready to take the exam will depend on multiple factors including:

a. Your schedule to complete the course

b. How soon you can complete the PMI application to take the PMP Exam

c. Time it takes for PMI to process your application once submitted (5-7 days but could be longer if audited)

d. Once your application is complete and you’ve paid the exam fees, we recommend you take advantage of the practice exams and score at least 80% on one of your practice exams 1-2 wks prior to your scheduled test date.