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Applying for the PMP Exam

How do you apply for the PMP Exam?

Applying for the PMP certification involves obtaining necessary project management experience and training. Depending on your educational background, you will have different eligibility requirements to qualify for the exam.

Are you planning to take your PMP certification soon? Learn how to navigate the PMP Exam application process here.

Steps to apply for the PMP Exam

PMP application itself can only take four to five hours to complete through the online application system. This doesn’t count the hours of gathering all your documents and the required hours of education.

But the process might take longer if you’re subjected for an audit. It’s better to prepare the necessary supporting documents ahead so you’re ready in case you’ve been audited. Once you’ve done so, the process for applying to the PMP Exam is fairly straightforward. 

It boils down to three simple steps:

Review Requirements and Submit an Online Application

It’s best to gather all the necessary information and documents first before starting with the application process.You can download this free checklist to help you make sure you don’t miss any important document for your PMP application.

Just recently, PMI updated the PMP certification requirements and removed the required 4500-7500 hours of leading and directing projects, adding a new path which allows postgraduate aspirants to apply for the PMP certification with reduced requirements. Now, there are three paths of eligibility requirements you can take when applying for the PMP certification.




The easiest way to complete the application process is through the PMI online certification system. 

Once you start the application, you have 90 days to complete it. If you fail to complete your application within those 90 days, you’ll have to start over. However, you can save your unfinished application and get back to it later.

The online application will ask you about the source of your 35 contact hours, the institution from where you’ve obtained your education, and all the years and hours of your project management experience.

PMI Membership

Aspirants are encouraged to apply for the membership. It’s optional, but members will have a greater advantage than non members since they will be entitled for a discount in their exam fee.

To become a member, register online at Membership fee is $129 annually plus a one-time fee of $10 for new members.

Receive Notice from PMI and Pay Exam Fee

After accomplishing the online application, PMI will review it for completeness. You’ll have to wait for PMI’s confirmation email before proceeding to the next step. You can check the status of your application on the site from time to time.

Once your application has been processed, you will receive an email from PMI requesting for your payment. From there, you’ll need to go back to the online certification system to complete the following:

  • Select your examination delivery method.
  • Request a language other than English for the examination at no extra cost if appropriate.
  • Request test accommodations for your examination at no cost if necessary.
  • Submit payment.

PMP certification exam fees are as follows:

You can place your payment in either of the following:

  • Credit card – Online certification system or postal mail to PMI
  • Check – Postal mail to PMI
  • Money order – Postal mail to PMI
  • Wire transfer – Email [email protected] for details

Acceptance of Application

After submitting your payment, PMI will review your application again for content. You might or might not be flagged for an audit. They will notify and prompt you to register for the test if you’re not listed for an audit.

If you’re audited, you’ll have 90 days to submit your audit materials including the copies of your diploma, and certificates proving you’ve obtained your 35 contact hours. If you fail the audit, PMI will refund your money, less $100 for the processing fee.

Schedule Your PMP Exam

Only when your payment has been placed and approved can you schedule your examination. PMI will send you an approval email with PMI Eligibility ID, which allows you to schedule your PMP exam.

Check this website for the instructions and guidelines for scheduling your exam appointment through Pearson VUE.

You want to schedule your exam when you feel confident about passing it. Before scheduling your exam, make sure you’ve completed your PMP exam preparation and try to answer as many sample questions as possible so you can sit for the exam confidently. You can also consider taking review courses. 

Rescheduling Your PMP Exam

If you think you can’t make it to the original exam date you’ve scheduled, you can reschedule or cancel your exam appointment. Just keep in mind that you have to do it more than two full calendar days before your original schedule. Late rescheduling and cancellation will result in a fee because of limited seating capacity in testing centers.

How to Reschedule Your Exam Appointment

To reschedule your PMP exam, log in to the PMP certification system. You can no longer reschedule your exam if you’re already within 2 full calendar days before your appointment. In that case, the only option is to cancel it without getting a refund.

You can’t reschedule your PMP exam by emailing Pearson VUE and PMI. If you’re having connectivity issues, you can call Pearson VUE directly to reschedule or cancel your appointment. Their contact information is in your Examination Scheduling Instructions.

Preparing for Your PMP Exam

You must be well-prepared before taking the PMP exam. Take simulated mock exams multiple times and score 80% at least once before sitting on the real exam. This makes sure you’re familiar enough with the questions that might appear in the test.

Try our free PMP exam questions to test your skills. This will help you assess where you’re lacking, and give you insights on  mastering any weaknesses in each area. The same expertise you see in these FREE exam questions are in our prep course, with easily digestible videos to help you retain what you learn.

Your PMP certification can be very beneficial for you in the long run. So, nail that certification exam and get an instant boost in your career. Good luck on your PMP certification journey!