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PMP certification benefits practitioners in salary gains. The PMI survey shows that respondents holding PMP certification have higher median salaries compared to those without PMP certification–23% higher on average across 37 countries surveyed.

There are two ways to qualify:

Path 1

  • A four-year college degree (bachelor’s degree or global equivalent)
  • Three years of project management experience (4,500 hours of on-the-job experience)
  • 35 contact hours of accredited or formal project management education


Path 2

  • A secondary degree (highschool or associate degree)
  • Five years of project management experience (7,500 hours of on-the-job experience)
  • 35 contact hours of accredited or formal project management education 

PMP Certification fees are determined by your PMI membership status. The PMP Exam costs $405 for PMI members, and $555 for non-members.  This is a one-time payment for the first exam attempt.  Re-examination fees are $275 for PMI members, and $375 for non-members. You also need to factor in the certification renewal fees every 3 years. Renewal fees are $60 for PMI members, and $150 for non-members. PMI Membership is not required, but is highly recommended.  Explore the benefits of PMI membership here.  Membership costs events $129/year plus a one-time $10 application fee.

Gather all the required information and make sure you have the qualifying number of hours before you apply. Once you submit your application online, PMI will review the application for completeness, which takes about 5 days. If your application gets audited, PMI will send you a request to send audit materials. You have 90 days to submit the requested audited materials. PMI will process and review the audit materials, which takes about 5-7 days. Upon successful completion of the audit, you will be notified of the application approval. Note that you have 1 year to take the exam from the application approval date.

PMI will notify you through email with directions on how to submit your materials if you’re selected for an audit. Here are the following documentation you need:

  • Copy of your diploma or global equivalent
  • Signatures from your supervisors, confirming your project management hours
  • Copies of certificates and letters from your training institute proving you’ve rendered 35 hours of project management education recorded on your application

Note that you only have 90 days to complete your documentation from the day you receive an email from PMI about the audit. After submitting your documentation, it should take five to seven business days for PMI to review the audit. 



Learn everything you need to know about PMP certification, which covers the requirements, application process, exam guide, and more!



Changes to the PMP Exam content and outline will take into effect January 2, 2021.



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